I’m Shortlisted in the Bloggers Blog Awards!

Floral dress at Royal Ascot

So this is a bit of a surreal post to write. A few weeks ago in a group Whatsapp chat, a couple of my lovely blogger friends said that they were going to nominate me for Best Travel Blog at the Bloggers Blog Awards. I was surprised, but totally ran with it, genuinely thinking nothing would come of it and I’d watch the celebrations from afar again.

On Wednesday I went to a zombie themed dinner party with Fox to celebrate the new season of The Walking Dead. Whilst sat in an ancient and suitably creepy wine cellar in Belgravia, my phone started going mental. Whatsapps, tweets, emails – all pinging through at the same time, so I took a sneaky peek and practically fell off my chair to see that the shortlist had been announced and I was on it. ME. WHAT?!

Oh, and I looked like this at the time (because why go to a zombie themed party if you’re not going to get 100% involved?).

Zombie make-up The Walking Dead

I’ve always maintained that I write this blog because I enjoy it so much. I love to put my thoughts down on this digital notepad and I cannot tell you what it means to me to share my adventures with the world and for people to read it and actually enjoy it! What a buzz! It’s like I’ve been showered with a million virtual kisses and it’s really bloody lovely. Honestly.

So thank you if you put my name forward. Thank you if you go and vote for me to win. Thank you for reading this post and visiting this site. Know that your popping by to take a peek at what I’m up to, regardless of whether you say hello or not, is something that really cheers me up and keeps me motivated.

You can vote for me here, and do take the time to read through all the other nominees in every other category too as there are some real corkers. Winners are announced on 1st October so keep an eye on #BloggersBlogAwards on Twitter to find out what happens!


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