The Palm Print Maxi Dress

Fashion blogger wearing palm print maxi dress
I’m wearing:
Maxi dress – H&M
Sandals – ASOS
Sunglasses – Topshop

It’s summer! Or is it? It is, technically, but oh my, we’re being kept on our toes aren’t we? I’ve complained so much about not having any sunshine but when it appeared, I had no idea what to wear.
My wardrobe is firmly built for winter and during the recent heatwave I ran our of appropriate summer wear very quickly. As I frantically rummaged in despair one morning, I found this maxi dress which I’ve probably worn only once before.

Fashion blogger wearing palm print maxi dress


Fashion blogger wearing palm print maxi dress

I bought it for a hen do in Barcelona last year but I’ve just never felt comfortable in it. I don’t really do items that flow because I just end up looking shapeless. Maxi skirts are my fashion nemesis but this dress actually isn’t that bad. So I’ve learned a few key points about what to look for in a maxi dress purchase:

1) Make sure it cinches in at the waist. That helps give me a bit of shape and not look like I’m wearing a sack.

2) V neck is best. Not showing my legs is fine, but a round or high neck ends up giving more of an Amish vibe than I’d like.

3) Sandals are the only show that works. Wedges are too formal and it is summer after all so I may as well embrace it. I did go a little cray over sandals in the ASOS sale.

Palm print maxi dress and tan sandals

I realised when I was packing to go away at the beginning of the year that most of my warm weather shoes are at least five years old. I don’t tend to buy them very often as it seems like a waste when summer is always over so quickly. So it was time for a much needed sandal spruce and I’ve been wearing this tan pair religiously; even with my much loved but wholly-inappropriate-for-summer black jeans.

Fashion blogger wearing palm print maxi dress

I wore this outfit to the delicious Pergola on the Roof and having some forgiving material was extremely helpful when I was eating my weight in chips and chicken and meringue. I ran after a girl in the street the other day to find out where she’d bought her palm print culottes, so stumbling unexpectedly across this dress was a moment where I wanted to high-five past me for a great purchase.

Now if the sun could reappear soon, I might just get a more wear out of it before it retires to the back of my wardrobe again.


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