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I have no idea how it’s the 20th September AGAIN. The day just seems to roll around quicker every year and insists that I get older with it. Today I turn 28. I don’t really have much to say on the subject because as much as I’m still getting my shit together as a fully fledged adult, 27 was a bloody hard year and I’m not all that sorry to say goodbye to it. Plus I have an excuse to eat cake, I get presents just for being alive, and I have a monster bottomless brunch planned in for the weekend. I’m already smashing this shiny new age of mine!

Here’s the best bits of last week:

1) I was invited down to review The Happenstance near St Paul’s and was pleasantly surprised by what I thought would just be basic pub food. Full review to come but I double pie’d with venison followed by pecan, and do not regret a thing.

The Happenstance restaurant, London

2) Marie Claire have opened their new beauty concept store, Fabled, on Tottenham Court Road and it is beautiful! I was very sensible and just bought a NARS concealer which I genuinely needed and then ran out before I did something stupid.

3) I visited the Wellcome Collection for the first time and can’t believe I’ve never been before. It is honestly up there now as one of my favourite museums in London. Full of curios such as a selection of artificial limbs dating all the way back to the 1500s, Napoleon’s toothbrush and some terrifying anti-masturbating devices from the 18th century. The Bedlam exhibition is on at the moment too which was horrifyingly fascinating and really enlightening. It’s all free and it’s open until 10pm on Thursdays so there’s no excuse.

Tattoos on human skin and obesity artwork at Wellcome Trust Collection museum, London

4) This dog on the tube must have sensed that I felt ill and ran full pelt up to me, jumped up and demanded attention. He made me feel 100% better!

Dogs on the tube

5) I love London for meeting new people. One night last week I was at the pub with a friend and we just started talking to this couple who basically became our best mates after a few gins. Facebook requests were accepted and who knows if I’ll ever see them again, but it was a bloody hilarious evening.

6) My dad moved back to Jamaica just over a year ago and as he’s old and cannot work the internet, it costs a fortune to call him. It means I don’t speak to him as much as I’d like, but yesterday we had a good old birthday themed catch-up which was well needed.

7) As it’s also my mum’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM, I LOVE YOU!), I went home at the weekend to swap gifts and get hugs. I ended up on the calorific end of a chocolate beetroot cake and the proud owner of some lovely pressies, including a big book on data because my mum knows me far too well.

Birthday cake, presents and card

8) My little sister drew me the most incredible picture and framed it for my birthday. It made me cry and it’s going to take pride of place on my wall in the immediate future. Isn’t she clever?

Harry Potter blogger cartoon

9) On Sunday, I was invited to the gala preview of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as an ambassador for J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos. I’m going to write so much more about this, but holy Jesus it was an amazing day! I met Luna Lovegood (below) and Lucius Malfoy, I was in the same room as J.K. AND got to see the play AGAIN. What a day!

Lumos charity ambassadors with Evanna Lynch

Hope you all had a great week!


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