What I Wore to the Bloggers Blog Awards

Cropped jumpsuit, milk carton bag, vivienne westwood melissa shoes
I’m wearing:
Jumpsuit – Louche by Joy*
Heels – Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Bag – H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams

I don’t have all that many opportunities to dress up particularly fancy, but being nominated for Best Travel Blog at the Bloggers Blog Awards seemed like just the time to crack out some heels and make a bit of an effort.


Cropped jumpsuit, milk carton bag, vivienne westwood melissa shoes

I scoured the shops for the perfect dress, and when that didn’t happen I tried to find a skirt, and then I pretty much gave up. I wouldn’t usually consider a jumpsuit as I’ve never found one that actually fits, but I took a chance on this cropped one from Joy and oh my god, I love it. The spaghetti straps are detachable so I fully intend to wear one of my big statement Tatty Devine necklaces with it, but my accessories took a different form this time.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa purple skull heels

I bought these Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes in a charity shop about three years ago and have never worn them. Instead they take pride of place in my room where I gaze upon them lovingly, but actually it turns out they look pretty good on too! I feel like they help me embrace the not-so-latent goth from my teenage years in a colourful and oh so pretty way.

Novelty milk carton handbag

And as I was already going down the novelty route (thank you fashion for making it acceptable for a 28 year old woman to wear glitter and skulls without getting strange looks), it seemed only right to use my milk carton bag from Debenhams for the first time as well.

Cropped jumpsuit, milk carton bag, vivienne westwood melissa shoes

It was such a happy outfit which totally reflected the day. Even though I didn’t win I did get to spend time with wonderful, inspirational bloggers, get to see my friends be recognised for their hard work, and laugh until my jumpsuit became inconvenient (you know what I mean). Once again, I am so glad that my little slice of the internet has introduced me to fabulous friends and a whole host of new experiences.

Bloggers Blog Awards Shortlist 2016

Check out Emma’s and Katy’s vlogs from the day to see all the mischief we got up to!

*My jumpsuit was sent to me by Joy but all outfit creating genius and opinions are my own


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