Added Extras #49

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Tomorrow is my last day in the office until 16th January and I am ready for Christmas please and thank you. I don’t know if the dark mornings, my empty bank account or the fact I haven’t really eaten a vegetable in weeks, but December is taking it’s toll and come Wednesday I’ll be on my mum’s sofa, with my baby sister (who’s actually 21 this week HOW IS THAT A THING?), watching Scrooged and finally feeling festive.

The last week I’ve been trying to get everything at work complete so I don’t have a meltdown when I come back so my social life has been a bit non-existent, but there has been some good things going on. Here’s this week’s Added Extras:

1) Me and some of the girls were lucky enough to get the hospitality of the lovely folks at Flat Iron Square again, this time for a mini Christmas get together. We at pizza and drank prosecco and remembered how bloody glad we are that we know each other because we’re soppy like that.

UK lifestyle bloggers

2) My favourite cousin came over to visit from Dublin and we spent Friday evening eating takeaway, watching Harry Potter and catching up on absolutely bloody everything.

3) At the weekend I was invited to go to the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel ferries to visit the Cowes Christmas Festival and eat at some amazing local restaurants (more on that the come though). The market was full of local produce including some bloody wonderful puns and a demonstration by current Masterchef champion, Jane Devonshire who cooked up a Christmas storm. I met some lovely bloggers, ate far too much and aside from being woken up by a BLOODY FOG HORN at 6am on Sunday morning, it was a great weekend.

Isle of Wight island brewery Wight Christmas ale

Mulled wine moled wine pun

Wookie shaped cookies

4) My friend Claire is home for Christmas from Beijing and I haven’t seen her since our adventures in China earlier this year. We had lunch yesterday near my office and caught up on everything that’s happened since April (which is a LOT!).

5) I started watching The OA and thanks to Netflix for constantly churning out absolutely belters. It’s about a woman who goes missing for seven years and comes back with a bizarre back story. It’s completely gripping and I have no idea where it’s going but I’m sure I’ll smash through it by this time next week.

6) My best friend is back from Hong Kong, YAY! Only for a few days before she sees her family, but she’s pregnant with twins and this’ll be the last time I see her before she has them in June so I’ve squeezed in three catch-ups in three days to make sure I make the most of her. God, I cannot wait to meet those babies!

7) We’ve been looking after my neighbours’ cat whilst they’re away and she’s totally taken advantage by lording it over our flat and scaring the crap out of me when I get home each evening by suddenly appearing at the top of the stairs. But I still let her come and crash out with me because she’s spoilt and I’m a pushover.

Woman with black cat

8) We did Secret Santa at work and I got some of my favourite festive Lush goodies which I then stupidly left in the pub afterwards. It was so good while it lasted!

Lush Christmas products

In the next week I’ll be celebrating my sister’s birthday, enjoying Christmas and then flying to South Africa FINALLY. Ideally I’ll get a load of blog posts written up before I head off as I won’t be carting my laptop away with me, but we’ll see how that goes as it’s entirely dependent on how many roast potatoes I eat.

Have a great Christmas everyone!


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