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Denim tshirt and leather look jeans
I’m wearing:
Baseball jacket – ASOS
Denim tee – New Look
Necklace – vintage
Leather look jeans – New Look
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I mentioned a few weeks ago that one of the things I learnt last year was that this blog actually means something to me. Whether it’s scribbling away post ideas in my battered notebook whilst waiting for a plane or editing photos whilst sat on my sofa and watching Parks and Rec on repeat, my brain is always buzzing about what I can do next and how I can improve what I put out here.


Denim tshirt and leather look jeans


Pastel coloured terrace houses

It’s an odd feeling because I already have a career path. I’ve worked in social media for six years and I’m doing pretty well at it. When I left to go travelling last year I wondered if I was pursuing the right goals, but now I actually like my job (now I’m back working in an agency, anyway). It’s just that this blog is a weird hobby/job hybrid that I just can’t seem to decide what to do with. I make a few pounds here and there which is nice, but I mainly love creating something. I’m no good with my hands and I’m not what you’d call ‘artistic’, but I love to publish things here. It’s digital but it feels tangible.

Leather look jeans and white trainers


Purple house with pink door

So at the weekend, I met lovely Katy for brunch to pick her brains about what I do next (because she is absolutely smashing it right now so is basically my blogging guru). We chatted about Pinterest, photo editing, content planning, tone of voice, the dreaded Instagram ‘theme’, and I realised something. I like my blog. Do I want more traffic? Sure. Would I want to do it full time? Of course! But do I want to sacrifice everything else I have for that goal? A well-paid job that allows me to travel, socialise and pay off my credit card? Actually, probably not.

Denim tshirt and leather look jeans


Pastel coloured terraced houses

Walking around Notting Hill post-brunch we nattered some more and snapped away at pretty coloured houses whilst waiting patiently for our turn to pose in front of them (that area is like catnip for bloggers). I scoped out new places to add to my never ending brunch wish list and made a promise to myself to head back to west London more often. I’m starting to feel comfortable with wanting to be creative but not actually wanting my blog to be my job. I’ve watched as other people grow and develop and bring in the moolah, but honestly, I just don’t want to. And I’m OK with that!

Denim tshirt and leather look jeans

I’m not saying I won’t put effort into this blog, and things definitely aren’t going to change drastically around here; but I am determined to shake it up a little. Blogging may just be a hobby, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to do my best. Stick with me, lovely readers!


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