The Happiness Triangle

Fashion blogger in pink leather mini skirt and Cheap Monday jumper

OK, stick with me here because this sounds like some weird idea I’ve picked up from an old issue of Cosmo or after watching Eat Pray Love, but I have this theory, and I’ve had it for a while.


Pink leather mini skirt


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I’m wearing:
Jumper – Cheap Monday
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For years now I’ve realised that most people’s happiness centres around three things: their employment, their love life and where they live. The basic theory is that if you have two of these things then generally, you’re doing pretty well and if you have three then you are probably one of those annoying people who achieves a blissful eight hours sleep a night minimum.


Cheap Monday jumper and pink leather mini skirt

It doesn’t matter what the status of these components is as it differs for everyone. If your ideal situation is to be unemployed, single and living in a bedsit and that’s what you’ve got, then you’re probably pretty damn content. The triangle doesn’t prescribe an ideal lifestyle, it’s just the three things that, I find, affect how I’m tackling life and how I may handle any other shit that comes my way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the triangle theory recently because for the first time in years, I feel like the three parts are working pretty damn well together. That’s not to say life is absolutely perfect, but this isn’t about fulfilling dreams and achieving ambitions, it’s about being content with what I’ve got. Right now, I have a good job which keeps my brain ticking over, enables me to be creative and pays me enough to cover my bills and my holiday addiction. I live in an adorable flat in a homely area of north London with two feisty and hilarious women that keep me grounded and in a steady supply of gin. And recently I met a man who I like enough to make me delete Bumble from my phone and, weirdly, he likes me enough to do the same.

Fashion blogger smiling and wearing Cheap Monday jumper

These situations aren’t static. They will change as my needs do and as circumstances flex, and when things aren’t right I’ll complain to those who are always kind enough to listen. I’ll seek out change and strive for the perfect three again, but for now I am really enjoying the novelty of being genuinely happy. It’s about bloody time.


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