Three Awesome Brunch Spots in Cape Town

Toast, bacon, mushrooms, rocket, halloumi, poached egg

I had high expectations of Cape Town before visiting. A couple of my most well-travelled friends told me that it’s their favourite place in the world, but aside from the obvious tourist traps, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. So I did what I do best: hunted down somewhere for breakfast to plan out my adventures for the day.


Bacon on Bree


Bacon on Bree, Cape Town


Pig shaped serving boards

Bree Street is a stone’s throw from bustling Long Street and just across the road from the rainbow coloured houses of Bo-Kaap. Bacon on Bree specialises in, you guessed it, bacon and it features in every meal. Building on the simplicity of the basic butty, they offer a variety of stellar sandwich options alongside breakfast specials that made it near on impossible to choose. I settled in with an iced coffee and panicked over the menu.

Pig shaped table number


Hot sauces

I went for The Breakfast Club; slices of sourdough toast with crispy bacon, rocket, grilled mushrooms and slabs of halloumi, topped with a runny poached egg. Seeing my friend’s sandwich almost made me jealous though. Bacon (obviously), brie, tomato and pesto in a doorstep of ciabatta. Just do yourself a favour and look at the menu in advance to save you time.

Toast, bacon, mushrooms, rocket, halloumi, poached egg


Bacon, brie, tomato, pesto sandwich


Culture Club Cheese


Culture Club Cheese, Cape Town

After the careful researching that led me to Bacon on Bree, it just so happens that it’s placed right next to Culture Club Cheese. I headed back the next day for an easy point of reference after exploring the centre of Cape Town. And because it has a menu centred around cheese, so why wouldn’t I?

Cheese wheel lampshade


Cheese counter

Being far from the UK, it seemed only right that I’d stumbled across somewhere that provided food that was pretty close to a home comfort and I settled in with the ultimate classic in cheese toasties. Along with a tangy cumin gouda and chunks of ham there was actual pickle to crunch through which gave me the perfect dose of reality to make me feel comfortable enough to carry on with my solo exploring.

Iced coffee


Cheese, ham and pickle sandwich with rocket


Truth Coffee


Steampunk coffee grinder

Imagine my unadulterated excitement when I discovered that the coffee shop I happened to find just turned out to be voted the best coffee shop in the world. TWICE. I managed to get a table immediately at Truth Coffee (another perk of solo travel), hitched up to the free wifi and ordered a Silky Rez – an iced drink that is hands down the best iced coffee I’ve ever had.

Iced coffee


Sign to buy Truth Coffee online


Copper submarine helmet

In the awesome steampunk themed surroundings, I sipped on my drink and gave in to the food menu. I had the Truth Style French Toast – a take on the classic, replacing bread for a croissant. I went for the variety that came with caramelised banana and Nutella, and after demolishing it had to leave instantly for fear of ordering five more.

Bowler hat lights


French toast croissant with banana and nutella

Which one of these would you hit up first? Bacon, cheese or Nutella?!


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