Seven Things to Expect From a Trip to Bucharest, Romania

Tram running through Bucharest

For someone who travels a lot, my geography is pretty damn bad. It is a pretty frequent occurrence for me to get on a plane and not really know where in the world I’m going. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll know what I want to eat and what I want to see when I’m there, I just don’t really know which part of the globe I’m jetting off to.


Heart graffiti


Painted waterfall steps in Bucharest

So it was kind of a surprise to me that Romania is actually pretty far away. When the Black Friday sales presented the opportunity to fly to Bucharest for £40, me and the girls totally took advantage but it was only when we were boarding a 6am flight that we realised we were about to be sat down for three hours. This isn’t just hopping across the pond to Paris. It left us with about 36 hours to explore the city and we absolutely made the most of it.

Here’s my crash course in what to expect from the Romanian capital:

Everything is super cheap

Pints of beer in Distrikt, Bucharest


Tram running through Bucharest

Latte at The Urbanist, Bucharest, Romania

But especially food and drink. A big old tankard of beer will set you back a whopping £1.30. Three course meal with really fancy wine? £20 each please and thank you. Obviously if you go for a spending spree in Zara, you’re still going to burn a hole in your wallet. But if you wander down certain streets in the Old Town and find a discount fashion store that sells out of season Zara pieces for 80% off, well my friend, you’re on to a winner.

Life centres around the Old Town

Old Town, Bucharest, Romania


Old Town, Bucharest, Romania


Old Town, Bucharest, Romania

We knew that this was going to be the hub of most of our activities whilst in Bucharest, especially as our accommodation was pretty much right next to it. What we didn’t realise is that outside of the Old Town area, there’s basically nothing for tourists. Unlike Prague or other Eastern European cities there isn’t a widely spread cafe culture, so we ended up wandering for two hours to find something to eat elsewhere before admitting defeat and going right back to where we started.

Some of the architecture is stunning

National Bank of Romania, Bucharest


Bucharest architecture


Church roofs in Bucharest


Palace of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania


Copper roofed building, Bucharest, Romania

The buildings of national importance are imposing, grand and extravagant. The National Bank of Romania, the Palace of Parliament and the buildings surrounding the University of Bucharest have a gothic influence whilst clearly reeking of the country’s previous economic disparity. There are also a number of beautiful religious buildings which are especially stunning on a Sunday when worshippers flock around them and the sounds of choirs singing gently waft outside.

But most of the buildings are literally crumbling

Crumbling buildings in Bucharest, Romania


pink window shutters


Wrought iron gates and yellow drainpipe


Abandoned cars and crumbling building


Dog looking through gates


Travel bloggers in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest looks, for the most part, like a post-apocalyptic video game. The sort where you wander around at night looking for zombie dogs, or where the Addams Family have probably invested in a property. It’s awesome. It captured my imagination in a way I haven’t experienced in Europe before, forcing me to see the beauty in something unconventional.

Street art brings the city to life

Street art in Bucharest, Romania


Street art in Bucharest, Romania


Street art in Bucharest, Romania


Street art in Bucharest, Romania

I was not expecting the vibrancy of street art that we encountered in Bucharest. I had this idea of Eastern Block, communist stoicism with strict regulations and little creative freedom. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Around every corner were works of art and with the current tense political climate in the country, it’s clearly a way for people to express how they feel in a controlled and calm way.

They don’t do brunch but they definitely do desserts

Cherry and chocolate cake


Irish coffee with whipped cream


Doughnuts in shop window


Chocolate and cookie freakshake

After seeing the word BRUNCH proclaimed proudly on the window of a cute, fairy light-lit cafe, we endeavoured to make it there the next day for our eggs benedict fix. We were welcomed in with amazing coffee but just bog standard sandwiches in the chilled cabinet, and after roaming the streets (and Google), it appeared that a request for pancakes required either a reservation or a frying pan. However, we managed to indulge in absolutely banging doughnuts, big slabs of cake and freakshakes, so it’s hard to complain too much.


Walking around Bucharest, Romania


Neon signs for strip clubs in Bucharest, Romania


Women waiting to cross zebra crossing


Dâmbovita River in Bucharest, Romania

The one word regularly called out from whoever was walking ahead in our group of seven. Romania isn’t exactly flushed with wealth so some basic bits of infrastructure are lacking, which shows in the massive gaping holes in every bloody street. At one point I tripped over one hole with my right foot, tried to balance myself, and immediately dropped my left foot into another. I totally styled it out, but still: HOLE!

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