Finding Inspiration in the Little Things

Fashion blogger in camo jacket, pink tshirt, jeans, khaki boots

I’ve got that feeling again where I need things to be shaken up. I fancy change, but not of the big life-changing, quit-my-job-to-travel sort like I did last year (although that is always tempting); more of the small tweaks and updates to my life to inject some newness into everyday mundanity.

We all bang on about the little things making a difference, but I cannot tell you how happy it’s made me to ditch my grey bed sheets and replace them with plain white ones. I’m making a big deal of always having fresh flowers in my room, and the bright linen with beautiful yellow daffodils on the shelf just makes the place so much happier.

Fashion blogger in camo jacket, pink tshirt, jeans, khaki boots

And when it comes to my room, I am embracing the cliche of the ‘spring clean’ and have this overwhelming urge to empty out every cupboard and Marie Kondo the hell out of it. I’ve got new storage solutions for my shoes (although, it’s fair to say that lugging two cupboards home from IKEA on the bus isn’t all that fun) and I bought some adorable bits from Maison du Monde whilst in Luxembourg which now adorns my dressing table and brings COLOUR. Hooray!

Fashion blogger in blue jeans, khaki boots


Fashion blogger in camo jacket, jeans

I’m just super aware of how bored I am of the things I use every single day: my coats, my skincare, my god damn Oyster card holder. It’s not materialism, it’s that I love to show creativity in all I do and I’m often looking for inspiration from every aspect of my life. At the weekend I rummaged through the stalls at The Bloggers Market, hunted down halloumi fries in Camden Market and then explored the back streets of Primrose Hill with Katy. It was exactly the sort of day I love; it encouraged me to use my imagination, see things from a different angle and discover something new.

I’m inspired to make changes and that, in turn, is inspiring me to be even more creative in all sorts of new ways. It makes my busy brain so very happy.

Fashion blogger in camo jacket, pink tshirt, jeans, khaki boots
I’m wearing: Jacket – Vintage / T-shirt – Primark / Jeans – River Island / Boots – 4th and Reckless*



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