What to Pack For Going on Safari

Rain coat / Sunscreen / Leggings / Cotton shirt
Sunglasses / Power bank / Water bottle
Mosquito repellent / Scarf / Binoculars / Trainers

I had no idea what on earth to pack for safari. I had images of Jumanji-style, beige clad outfits, but I didn’t really know why. Did I need camouflage? Would bright colours enrage a lion? Would I die of heat exhaustion and/or malaria?

After some research, I found out that the weather in Kruger Park can totally vary, so actually it was best to prepare for everything. That meant a raincoat tucked into my backpack, but ensuring I’d layered up with suncream AND always had my sunglasses with me. I also packed a full size mosquito repellent in my suitcase, but a mini one with me for on the road so I could constantly top it up as the stupid flying bastards LOVE me.

The main thing to know about a safari is that it is pretty damn uncomfortable. You are sat in a bumpy vehicle for 4 hours minimum. You can’t get out for walk whenever you feel like it and your arse will be numb by the end of, but thankfully I was prepared in stretchy leggings, proper trainers and a baggy shirt. A loose-fitting cotton top was my favourite thing to wear as it kept me cool whilst still covering my body and a thin scarf could be wrapped around my head in lieu of a hat – both saving me from the evil mozzies.

There were three items that I’m so pleased I took with me everyday, that maybe don’t class as essentials. I filled my water bottle up at camp in the mornings, topped it up as we arrived at the park and topped it up at lunch. Sure, it got warm throughout the day, but it was so important to keep hydrated as the weather was very dry. My powerbank made sure that I could keep my phone charged for taking videos and Insta stories, but the hero in my bag was my binoculars.

My stepdad leant me his at the last moment before I flew out to South Africa and it was honestly the best thing I took out to Kruger Park with me. It meant I could see details on animals at a distance and spot rare birds as they flew up above. It made the experience even more magical.


What to pack for going on safari



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