I’m Going to Disneyland and I Need Themed Outfits

Mickey Mouse Jumper / Sequin Mouse Ears / International Mickey Tee
Aristocats Backpack / Minnie Mouse T-Shirt / Snow White Clutch
Minnie Mouse Graphic Tee / Ursula Crossbody Bag / Pizza Disney Naps T-Shirt

Finally, after years of waiting, I am actually going to Disneyland. We’re heading to the Paris park in May and at 28 years old, I guarantee I’ll bouncier than all the sugar-filled, hyped up kiddies who are inconsiderately in my way at the parades. I’m all for a novelty outfit, and god knows I love fancy dress, and frankly if you’re going to Disneyland I think you should embrace everything that is: colourful, excitable and young-at-heart.

Now I don’t want to look like stag-do gone wrong, so I’m avoiding a full Disney Princess costume (probably), but I absolutely want to wear some sort of tribute to the brand throughout our two full days there. I love the classic image of Mickey and Uniqlo have so many jumpers and t-shirts that are perfect to show some Disney love without be too over-the-top.

But can I really go to Disneyland without wearing something a bit ridiculous? I’m absolutely 100% investing in a pair of sequin Minnie Mouse ears, and quite honestly, I’ll probably wear them for a full 48hrs. I can still get a good nights sleep in them, I’m sure, although how they’ll hold up in the shower…

Realistically, a clutch bag is totally useless for this trip, but the Evil Queen one actually turns inside out to show Snow White, so I want it, regardless. More practical though is the Ursula crossbody bag so I can wave it around whilst shaking my butt and shouting, ‘Don’t underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE.’ Maybe I should stick to the Aristocat backpack instead…

Good grief, I am EXCITED though. After two days in the park, we’re then going to Paris for the weekend, where I intend to wear something a little less…single-purpose. With a nice elasticated waistband all prepped for patisserie.


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