Breaking My Travel Norms

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

I’ve settled into a comfortable routine when it comes to the sorts of holidays I plan. I like to maintain a certain level of control so I can explore the way I want to; I will seek out new experiences above and beyond the obvious tourist sites, but recently I’ve started thinking about how I can try something new when travelling. There are certain types of holidays that I’ve always shunned but now I’m contemplating throwing caution to the wind.
Here’s what I’m looking into:



Franz Josef glacier, New Zealand

Or hiking, or generally being more active. Maybe cycling?
OK, so when you’ve stopped laughing, give me a second to explain. There are areas of the world that I’m desperate to see, and often they are not accessible by conventional modes of transport. I’ve walked up to beautiful Wineglass Bay in Tasmania and hiked up a glacier in New Zealand, but I want more of a challenge. Machu Picchu, or trekking through the Amazon, or even something closer to home. I’m absolutely keen to see more of the mountains in Scotland and the coastline of the UK.



View from porthole on ship

I’ve always avoided cruise holidays because I have this idea of it being a floating Butlins, with cheesy entertainment and a strict itinerary of ‘fun’ activities. But I’ve got a couple of friends who go on one pretty much every year, as well as other who have used it as an opportunity to hit up a few destinations in one fell swoop, so it’s starting to appeal more and more. I like flexibility but recently things have been stressful and I find myself just wanting sunshine alongside long stints of being horizontal with a cocktail by my side. I’ve been looking at island hopping cruise holidays; the sort where the ocean is turquoise, there’s delicious seafood at every port and I can be pretty damn lazy throughout.



Camping on safari in South Africa

I’ve written previously about how I loved caravanning as a kid, but actual camping with tents and stuff, has never really appealed to me. I’ve done it at festivals but I feel like that’s a less-than-accurate representation of what camping can be like. When I went on safari in South Africa I was in the middle of nowhere, in a tent, but that tent had a proper bed in it. And camping, like walking, will allow me to see more of the world. I found an amazing tour of Mongolia, and rest assured, there ain’t no Travelodge in that part of the world, so I’ll just have to pitch up and embrace a new experience!

Let me know in the comments how you try and push your travel boundaries. I’d love to find something new that I haven’t considered already!

This post is in collaboration with Planet Cruise, but all words are my own


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