My Long Haul Flight Routine

Aerial view over South Africa

In just over two years I have done a lot of long haul flights. From going to the other side of world to explore New Zealand and Australia, to visiting China (twice), and visited Africa for the first time during my trip to Cape Town over Christmas. 95% of these flights have been done solo, so I’ve only had myself to rely on to make sure I have as seamless a flight as possible. As a result, I have my long haul flight routine down to a fine art.

1) An outfit change

Before I even get on the plane, my preparation begins. As the flight starts to board, I’ll pop into the loo for an outfit change. I couldn’t give the shiniest of shits about what I look like when flying; I just want to be comfortable. So, on go my pyjama bottoms, a baggy top, and I say a cheery farewell to my bra. Doing this before I even get on the plane means I don’t have to queue for the toilet on board, or squeeze past the people I’m sat next to.

2) Getting settled

Once I’m sat in my seat, I put my super glamorous DVT socks on. I’ve got crap circulation anyway, and being sat down for 9+ hours won’t help that, so safety first, kids! Of course, my shoes are kicked off and kept under my seat for extra foot freedom. I’ll normally have a hoodie and a big scarf with me to get cosy as the air con on planes can be a real icy bitch.

3) Keeping entertained

The big planes for long haul flights always have a USB port, so I generally plug my phone charger in immediately so I always have enough juice for Spotify. I’ll inevitably spend £30 on magazines in the airport beforehand, so they get tucked into the seat pocket in front of me. I have my Kindle and laptop charged and ready to use because honestly, 24 hours of flying is so damn boring.

4) Face removal

Once I’ve eaten dinner on the plane (with one or two glasses of red wine), I start getting ready for sleep. I’ll use face wipes to take off all my make-up and then smother on an overnight moisturise mask like Nuxe Crème Fraiche. Ordinarily my skin is combination/oily, but it gets so dry on long haul flights which is why I also apply a ton of hand cream and lip balm too.

5) Getting some shut eye

Sleeping on planes is never going to be the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had, but I find that doing all the previously mentioned prep helps me to wind down. I’ll dab a bit of lavender balm on my wrists and temples, put in either my earphones or earplugs and wear my sleep mask. I’ll wrap up in my own layers as well as the airline blanket, always with my seatbelt done up over the top so the crew don’t have to wake me. I’ll recline my seat (because that’s absolutely accepted on a long flight) and let myself drift off.

Long haul flights are never as bad as you might anticipate, and I normally quite enjoy them! It’s just a case of being prepared and allowing yourself to relax – you’re on holiday after all.


My long haul flight routine



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