The Things I Don’t Write About

Gingham top with floral applique

I recently had a conversation with a friend about whether you can be a blogger and maintain your privacy. She asked me if there’s anything I wouldn’t write about and I answered an unequivocal ‘yes’ because as much as I publish here and lord knows I love me a good old gossip, I’m actually a pretty private person. What you see on these pages is a curated insight into my life, but personally, I choose to have a distinction between what I share and I what is kept offline.

We all know those Facebook oversharers: the ones that update every relationship peak and trough, the ones that tell you every tiny detail of their health and wealth. I’ll be honest, I often find this fascinating. In a world where the media carefully edits reality, it can be a relief to know that somebody else has had a shit day in the office or that their shower also leaks into the flat below (because most London landlords are too damn stingy to fit a bathroom properly).

Gingham top with floral applique


Gingham top with floral applique

But these are sprinklings of truth compared to the hurricane torrents that some people actually face. There have been some heartbreaking and eye-opening posts from some of my favourite bloggers recently about how they are coping through the toughest of times. Sophie has spoken openly about the effect the loss of a loved one has had on her and her family, Dee has covered her mum’s illness on Twitter with courageous honesty, Katie regularly writes about her battles with anxiety in a way that just gets me, and Rosie’s posts on her separation have moved me to tears.

I’ve alluded to negative things in my life on here but generally only a good time after they’ve actually happened. When the shit has hit the fan in my own life, I actually stop writing. It’s not because I’m ashamed or embarrassed by what’s going on, but more because this blog is my happy place. It’s where I go to remember the shiny parts of life, because too damn often I forget those bits. There are people out there, like the ladies I’ve mentioned, who are so perfectly eloquent that they say it all for me, and I’m so thankful for that.

Gingham top with floral applique
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So here I am on these pages of mine, smiling. Because most of the time, that’s what I’m doing. I share with you everything that makes me feel that way, and it’s not hiding who I am, it’s just that some of us deal with things in different ways. It’s OK if you don’t want to write about it.


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