My Three Favourite Brunch Spots in Melbourne, Australia

Hardware Societe brunch, Melbourne

Brunch has become a staple part of my social life at home in London, but the Australians really nailed it first. I’m not a smashed avo on toast cliché, but early mornings aren’t my thing either so this new tradition means a lie-in followed by coffee and carbs, and the people of Melbourne sure do know how to start the day off right.


Addict Food & Coffee


Homemade crumpets, chocolate spread and jam


Cold brew coffee


Addict coffee shop, Melbourne

In a beautiful, sun-drenched corner of Fitzroy, we sat at the window of Addict and started the impossible decision-process of what to eat. I love this area of Melbourne, famous for its street art and vintage shops and on my first morning back in the city since 2014, I was in my element. I had a wonderful, sharp cold brew coffee to cool me down, alongside fresh crumpets and homemade chocolate spread, reminding me just how much I’d missed Melbourne.

Addict Food & Coffee, 240 Johnston Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065

Hardware Société


Brunch at Hardware Societe, Melbourne


Bacon, scallop, poached eggs

Based in Melbourne and Paris, Hardware Société had a queue for miles, but being dedicated brekkie hunters, my Aussie-based pal and I waited it out. Sat outside, we woke ourselves up with strong coffees in primary-coloured cups and plumped for that weekend’s special: a thick slice of bacon, two poached eggs, toasted slices of baguette and a juicy, lightly sautéed scallop. It was so good that on my recent visit to Paris, I couldn’t contain my excitement in finding their European sister just two streets away from my Air BnB in Montmartre!

Hardware Société, 120 Hardware Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Manchester Press


Manchester Press menu


Blueberry bagel, bacon, mascarpone, banana and maple syrup


Manchester Press, Melbourne

Going for something a little different, Manchester Press specialises in bagels, and on a morning that was a little on the chilly side, we went straight in for something to warm our bones. Their peanut butter hot chocolate had my friend grinning with sheer glee, but I stuck to coffee because nowhere does it like Melbourne. I had the ultimate in sweet and savoury indulgence with a toasted blueberry bagel topped with bacon, mascarpone, sliced banana and maple syrup, confirming everything I know to be holy and pure about the sacred act of brunching.

Manchester Press, 8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000


My Three Favourite Brunch Spots in Melbourne, Australia



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