Rotisserie Chicken and Deep Fried Courgetti at Chicken Society, Finchley Central

Spit roast rotisserie chicken


Not a week goes by that I don’t hear about a new place to eat in South London. I’m not talking about London Bridge or even Brixton – I mean places that I never go to: Dulwich, Peckham, Tooting. But I live in North London and I’m lazy, so it’s rare I’ll go that far from home for dinner, which is why I was genuinely excited to hear about Chicken Society*. Yes, it’s alllllllllll the way up in Zone 4, but actually not that far from home, which is the perfect excuse to try the entire menu.


Chicken Society restaurant


Chicken Society restaurant ketchup


Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t our original intention. We very much had a simple meal for two, but then we started looking at the menu and our greedy guts instincts took over. Decked out diner-style with graphic murals and kitsch neon signs on the walls, we perched ourselves up in a leather booth and basically ordered everything.


Fire trap neon sign


Sink sign 'wash your wings here'


Interior of Chicken Society restaurant, Finchley


First up, we shared boneless buttermilk chicken, in a sweet but smoky BBQ sauce. I drizzled lemon on the top, plonked it into a healthy portion of blue cheese dip, whilst plotting how I could steal my boyfriend’s portion. I did have a pretty awesome cocktail to tide me over though, made with blood orange, passionfruit and Ting aka the best fizzy drink that’s ever graced the planet.


Blood orange and Ting cocktail, and an Old Fashioned


Boneless buttermilk chicken with bbq sauce and blue cheese dip


From the rotisserie, we had spit-roast chicken and duck dressed in plum glaze. The former had a paprika tinge to the skin and oregano tang to the flesh, whilst the latter, although slightly dry, had a sharp and really delicious twang from burnt orange squeezed over the top.


Rotisserie chicken


Rotisserie duck with plum glaze


It was the sides that made the meal though. There was mac and cheese made with smoky cheddar, crinkle-cut fries which took me back to being a kid and broccoli in miso with sesame seeds, which I insist on being the only way I eat broccoli from now on.


Crinkle cut chips


Broccoli with miso and sesame


The best dish though? FRIED. COURGETTI. It came with a wedge of lime and a serving of yoghurt; I chose to ditch cutlery and just pick up pinchfuls so I could eat it quicker. No use a fork just cluttering up the place and getting in my way, right?


Deep fried courgetti with lime and yoghurt


I love that there’s places to eat in suburban North London, beyond the yummy mummy cafes or hipster hangouts. Somewhere normal and affordable, and close enough to home that I can roll back on the tube and nurse my food baby with awkward stares from the general public. Simple pleasures.

My meal at Chicken Society was complimentary, but all words and opinions are my own


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