A Magical Evening at the Launch of Wizarding Wardobes at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Horace Slughorn armchair pyjama suit

OK, so maaaaaaaaybe I have a slight obsession with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Leavesden. The thing is, they keep reeling me in with shiny new exhibitions, giving me even more insight into the Harry Potter movies that I love so much. This time, there’s a focus on the costumes and make-up that bring the best-loved (and hated) characters from the films to life, with Wizarding Wardrobes*.

Walking through the Great Hall is always an experience that makes me bounce up and down like a hyperactive spacehopper, but this time, as well as the table settings and robes for each Hogwarts house, we were greeted by two special guests. First, we got to hear the legendary Philip Treacy tell us how he made the beautiful hats worn by the Beauxbatons students, talking us through the moulding process, and showing the variety of materials involved.

Beauxbatons hats


Beauxbatons hats with milliner Philip Treacy

Across the room was Laurent Guinci, who walked us around three costumes previously unseen at the Studio Tour, all belonging to Daily Prophet journalist, Rita Skeeter. Guinci told us how Vivienne Westwood was an inspiration when compiling the looks, and pointed out the stegosaurus-style spikes on the back of the outfit she wore in the champions’ tent in the Goblet of Fire.

Laurent Guinci costume designer


Rita Skeeter costume

Moving through into the room set-ups, we found make-up and hair artist Lisa Tomblin, turning somebody into a spot-on Bellatrix LeStrange lookalike. From the sharp teeth to the mad mane, and the whole process was filmed to become an interactive mirror as part of the exhibition. Tomblin then kindly offered to brand us with the dark mark, which I gladly accepted, of course!

Bellatrix Lestrange makeup tutorial


Dark mark transfer tattoos


Dark mark transfer tattoo

The most exciting and ridiculous addition to the Tour is the opportunity to step into Horace Slughorn’s armchair/pyjama suit. Poking my head through the top, I could not stop laughing. Book an early tour ticket and queue to get your picture in this, because it is absolutely bloody hilarious.

Horace Slughorn armchair pyjama costume

Of course, the rest of the Tour is there to explore as usual, with props, prosthetics and Privet Drive (which even the self-proclaimed muggle of the group was thrilled to see!).

Harry Potter goblin prosthetic masks


4 Privet Drive set

And at the end of the tour, the spectacular scale model of Harry’s beloved school. Because as we all know, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Hogwarts scale model

* I was a guest of Warner Bros Studio Tour. All words and opinions are my own.


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