Three Stupidly Delicious Brunches in Williamsburg, NYC

I had no doubt in my mind when planning my first trip to New York that I wanted to stay in Williamsburg. It’s gone beyond up-and-coming and is well and truly here, making a name for itself with boutiques, breweries and street art that could have kept me away from Manhattan for our whole visit.

Our base was The Williamsburg, nestled between The Hoxton and The Wythe hotels, opposite Brooklyn Bowl and within strolling distance of some excellent brunch spots. Although we braved Manhattan some mornings, becoming familiar with the L train from Bedford Ave, a couple of slower mornings were spent in a few of Williamsburg’s finest purveyors of carbs and coffee.

Egg Shop

Being wide awake from jet lag at 6am on our first day meant we could enjoy a spectacular sunrise over the city from our hotel balcony and ensured we were showered, dressed and outside Egg Shop for opening at 9am. We started with vats of coffee and an unnecessary and indulgent starter of ‘brunchkins‘: bite-size deep-fried balls of bacon bread and butter pudding rolled in cinnamon sugar. I was delighted to kickstart our NYC food frenzy with a ridiculous and delicious frankenfood, especially as it took the classic American combination of salty and sweet breakfasts I’ve always been a fan of from the other side of the pond.

Hyped up for our mains, we both went for twists on dishes we love at home. The BEC was a solid take on a standard egg sarnie but layered with maple bacon, homemade chilli relish for sweetness and sharp cheddar. Sturdy stuff with no fuss and enough to strike jetlag a powerful blow.My choice felt a little more indulgent, with a poached egg being served on buttery toasted brioche and totally slathered in creamy hollandaise. It’s the eggs benedict my arteries have been begging me to ignore but that my stomach was over the moon about demolishing.

Eggs benedict and bacon on brioche toast

Find it at: Egg Shop, 151 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Sweet Chick

bucket of fried chicken

Meat eaters and vegans alike flocked to recommend this fried chicken joint to me, and reading reviews online it became an essential on my Brooklyn hit list. It’s an east coast homage to southern cooking, featuring staples that made me feel that I was very much in the USA includingbiscuits and gravy, and a literal bucket of chicken that would put Colonel Sanders to shame!

Fried chicken with buffalo sauce, carrot and celery waffle, and blue cheese sauce

My dish was a blend of southern sentiment and a New York state invention: buffalo sauce. This fiery orange gold is a staple in my fridge at home and something that I cannot resist ordering when I see it on a menu, and the Sweet Chick variety was enough to tell my hangover who was boss. The traditional celery and carrot sides that usually come with buffalo were baked into the waffle, and the obligatory blue cheese sauce ready for dipping on the side. Heaven.

Find it at: Sweet Chick, 178 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002

The Regal

Lemon ricotta french toast, blt with lobster and truffle tater tots

On our final day, after woefully checking out of our snazzy hotel and before we braved hitting Central Park in the sort of weather that attracts tourists in their masses, we walked to the other side of Williamsburg to have brunch at The Regal. Sat out in the sunshine, we were the first to arrive but soon the yoga moms and hungover yuppies were flocking in for a Bloody Mary and then some.

Both of the dishes we ordered were, frankly, obscene. Lemon ricotta French toast that made my fiancé send up thanks to a miscellaneous dessert deity, and my B.L.L.T. (that’s bacon, lettuce, LOBSTER and tomato) was enough to make me hate all other sandwiches for the rest of my days. As if that wasn’t indulgent enough, we added a side of truffle tater tots – the perfect level of ridiculous that sums up New York food and why I’d go back there again just to eat in a heartattackbeat.

Find it at: The Regal, 163 Hope St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


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