I’ve stayed in down and (not always) dirty hostels and five-star hotels; flown with my knees up to my chin in long-haul economy and slept out in full in business class. I’ve saved to eat Michelin starred food on the other side of the world and cooked up a storm in an Air BnB kitchen. I can’t say I’m a bargain traveller but I’m sure as hell not one for constant opulence. I’ve struggled to figure out where I fit in the travel blogging space and what it is that I can share with readers that is always authentic to how I actually vacation, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve nailed it.

Flexible luxury

 Grab a cheap Ryanair flight so I can stay in a nice hotel

Take a free walking tour so I can afford a great dinner

Borrow hiking boots from a friend so I can invest in a decent suitcase I’ll use for years

I’m not here to pretend that I can afford to splash cash I don’t have on luxury travel experiences, but what I am really good at is finding a balance. I know how I want to holiday so I plan, compromise and prioritise to get the experiences that are right for me. Travel isn’t an endurance test and we all deserve a bit of luxury; let’s just do it whilst still be able to afford our extortionate London rent, yeah?!


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