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An Indian Sunday Lunch at Tandoor Chophouse

I love a roast potato more than the average person (ask my mum about the Christmas she threw the leftover ones away and the reaction that elicited from me!), and a Sunday lunch is one thing the UK continues to…


Will I Ever Eat a Decent Meal Again?

Dramatic? Me?! There’s a lot that people worry about as they approach parenthood for the first time: the sleep deprivation, the depleted bank account, the change in physical appearance just to name a few. They’re all things that I’ve accepted…


A Mexican Lunch Tasting Menu at KOL, London

I happened to be eating mediocre tacos at a similarly mediocre Mexican restaurant elsewhere in London the night before October reservations for KOL became available. Conversation that night of course turned to other, better Mexican food, and I brought up…


Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s been a while. Almost a year, in fact. A lot has happened, some of which I might write about in the future, but for now I just want to flex these writing muscles again. I, like many others, got…


Where to Drink Craft Beer in Lisbon, Portugal

There isn’t much better than sitting down for a cold pint after a few days of touristing. Resting aching feet, removing the hefty backpack, looking through photos of the day, and swapping highlights becomes a holiday ritual when there’s a…


Five Delicious Ways to Eat Eggs For Breakfast

I miss brunch. The ritualistic act of rolling into a restaurant as morning is a hair’s breadth from turning into afternoon, an empty stomach but full in the knowledge that I can order excellent breakfast food while legitimately also having…


An Underwhelming Friday Feast at River Cottage, Devon

River Cottage is synonymous with homegrown produce, the first word in sustainability and epitomises the Good Life existence. After dedicating the warmer months to learning to grow my own fruit and vegetables on my tiny London balcony, a visit to…


36 Hours in Cologne, Germany

I’ll be honest, Cologne and I almost had a big falling out right at the beginning of our relationship. My first solo travel destination on my Germany rail trip after having spent time in Frankfurt and Heidelberg with a friend,…

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Notes From A Tiny London Balcony Vegetable Garden

Last weekend, I harvested my first homegrown courgettes. Grown from seeds in a plastic propagator on my kitchen table, I dropped them just as the beginnings of tiny shoots had started poking out of the soil. The fact that I…


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