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This Time Last Year

Content warning: miscarriage Dear precious baby boy, This time last year, your younger sibling left us before we had a chance to meet them. I’ve never experienced heartbreak like it. My almost-lifelong dream of being someone’s mummy lasted a matter…


Been There, Ate That: Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding

Been There, Ate That is a series of blog posts where I recreate my favourite dishes from my travels Researching where to eat in New York is an absolute quagmire of ‘best of’ lists, new openings vs classic staples, and…


Eat Like A Girl

I was reading through Ravneet Gill’s latest recipe book, ‘Sugar, I Love You‘, when I came across an anecdote that made my brow furrow deep into my skull. She tells a fleeting story of how a man gently pulled her…


An Indian Sunday Lunch at Tandoor Chophouse

I love a roast potato more than the average person (ask my mum about the Christmas she threw the leftover ones away and the reaction that elicited from me!), and a Sunday lunch is one thing the UK continues to…


Will I Ever Eat a Decent Meal Again?

Dramatic? Me?! There’s a lot that people worry about as they approach parenthood for the first time: the sleep deprivation, the depleted bank account, the change in physical appearance just to name a few. They’re all things that I’ve accepted…


A Mexican Lunch Tasting Menu at KOL, London

I happened to be eating mediocre tacos at a similarly mediocre Mexican restaurant elsewhere in London the night before October reservations for KOL became available. Conversation that night of course turned to other, better Mexican food, and I brought up…


Hello? Is this thing on?

It’s been a while. Almost a year, in fact. A lot has happened, some of which I might write about in the future, but for now I just want to flex these writing muscles again. I, like many others, got…


Where to Drink Craft Beer in Lisbon, Portugal

There isn’t much better than sitting down for a cold pint after a few days of touristing. Resting aching feet, removing the hefty backpack, looking through photos of the day, and swapping highlights becomes a holiday ritual when there’s a…


Five Delicious Ways to Eat Eggs For Breakfast

I miss brunch. The ritualistic act of rolling into a restaurant as morning is a hair’s breadth from turning into afternoon, an empty stomach but full in the knowledge that I can order excellent breakfast food while legitimately also having…


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