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Gin Tasting at 146 Paddington, London

Recently, my social media feeds have been full of people giving up something for the new year. In the midst of Dry January and Veganuary, it was with a sigh of relief and validation that I’m not an awful human…


I’ve Finally Realised That It’s OK To Revisit Places

With bargain flights fuelling the world’s wanderlust harder than ever, there’s an increasing sense that when it comes to picking a destination, new is always better. When I realised I’d visited 20 countries, I set myself a loose target to…


Six Foods You Must Try in Reykjavik, Iceland

The food in Iceland has a bit of a reputation for being out-of-the-ordinary, seemingly centred around the rare meats variety. Now, as a woman who has eaten a baby octopus on a stick with a quail’s egg in its head…


How to Spend 24 Hours in Glasgow, Scotland

It’s fair to say that Glasgow has a bit of a ‘reputation’. What isn’t fair is the connotations that reputation often brings up. Scotland’s second city completely stole my heart on a recent visit, surprising me with its artsy vibe,…


A Night at Book and Bed, Kyoto: The Coolest Hostel in Japan

Travelling around Japan, we stayed in various types of accommodation from centrally located hotels to traditional ryokans, but if there was one that summed up the total uniqueness of the country, it was our night at the Book and Bed…


The Three Best Skincare Products to Pack for a Hot Weather Holiday

I don’t really seek out hot weather holidays; I’m OK in the cold (providing I’m dressed appropriately), and it’s rare that I want to just sit on a beach and do nothing. But stereotypical ‘nice’ weather often means being able…


A Treetop Adventure at Go Ape, Alexandra Palace

  Gosh, I’m a lucky bunny to live so close to Alexandra Palace. I’ve spent summer days there, eating picnics and sipping prosecco whilst watching the City of London below, and evenings in it’s famous glass-roof venue watching some of…


2017: The Year I Stopped Travelling Selfishly

Another year is coming to an end and 2017 has been one of the busiest for me in terms of travel. Last year I travelled solidly for a number of months, thanks to quitting my job. But this year I’ve…


How to Spend 24 Hours in Reykjavik, Iceland

Something to be aware of immediately when planning a quick long weekend in Iceland, is the amount of sunlight you’ll be getting. If you’re travelling in winter to increase your chance of seeing the Northern Lights, you need to keep…


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