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Explore: Marmite Afternoon Tea at The Botanist

When I told people I was going to this event the reaction was predictably split between “OHMYGOD WHERE IS IT AND HOW DO I GET A TICKET?” and “Why on earth would you want to go to that?!”. Marmite really…


Explore: Pyjama Party at Prince Charles Cinema

When I read about this on my favourite blog, Domestic Sluttery, I actually let out a scream. One night, 8 classic girly films, and the chance to wear pyjamas in public. The Prince Charles Cinema hidden just behind Leicester Square…


Shopping: Sparkle sparkle skirt

I know metallics are a thing of Autumn/Winter past (I hardly took off my gold H&M jumper when the cold weather took over!), but I still love them. There’s something forever festive in gold and silver and you can’t beat…


Music: Bitter Ruin, Jamboree – 25/05/12

I’ve written about Bitter Ruin before, and they really are one of the most exciting bands breaking the mold at the moment. Their blend of delicate goth ballads are moving, shocking and intense – and when you consider it’s just…


Food: Dinner by Heston

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know I’m more of a Wahaca/Pizza Express type girl. But on Friday I had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant that’s just been voted the 9th best in the world,…


Shopping: Harrods Food Hall

Until recently I hadn’t been to Harrods for about 10 years. It seems a bit daunting when you know just how expensive everything is inside, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t just go and have a wander around inside.…


Food: Ceviche

If I asked you to name a national Peruvian dish, could you honestly answer? Everyone know Argentina for their steaks, and Mexico for their tacos and tequila, but Peru’s food isn’t as obvious. It turns out it’s ceviche, the dish…


Comedy: Rich Fulcher and His F***ed Up Friends at The Vandella

You probably know Rich Fulcher as Bob Fossil of The Mighty Boosh fame, but don’t pigeon hole him – his bizarre, close-to-the-edge brand of comedy isn’t the work of Barratt and Fielding, but all his own and is just as…


Explore: Battersea Park Zoo

Yes, I am aware that this is a childrens zoo. I should probably pretend I took my niece and nephews, but I’ll be honest with you, it was just me and The Bloke, both in our 20s and possibly just…


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