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Read: The Hunger Games Trilogy

I’m very late to this party. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t even heard of these books until about a year ago when my little sister practically burst with excitement at the announcement of a film remake. The film starring Jennifer…


Music: Blood Red Shoes, Heaven 03/05/12

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about a Brighton based male-female duo performing at Heaven. It seems it’s the place to hold a gig  if you fit that particular description. But this isn’t another gush about the wonderful Bitter…


Explore: Hunt for the Dark Knight

There’s a masked vigilante on the loose in Gotham. You may have heard about him, he’s been the star of a few million dollar movies, has had brief appearances in a few hundred comics, and I’ve seen him on the…


Fashion: Tina Lilienthal jewellery

Have you ever been to the mahoosive Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road? It’s pretty much the mecca of stationery and make my purse have palpitations as soon as I get near it. I was mooching around there one lunch break, browsing…


Food: Burger & Lobster

Pic from Hidden down a little street in Mayfair is a queue of people. To get a table at Burger and Lobster you have to time your arrival perfectly. As another one of London’s new ‘no reservation’ restaurants (like…


Food: Wahaca

There are so many places to eat in London that it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. The pressure is on to find the next amazing place that’s hidden down a seemingly skanky side street that serves homemade, organic, fresh food…


Geek: Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’ve read every book, seen every film, queued outside Waterstones for Deathly Hallows and cried when Snape died. I’m not ashamed to say I bloody love Harry Potter. The opening of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour gives fans a chance…


Food: Tapped & Packed

One thing I love about working in central London is if you need something you can get it. One of the world’s most famous shopping streets is just around the corner from my office, but I’m not here to talk…


Fashion: Knock knock!

In the beauty world you are generally believed to be an ‘eyes’ or ‘lips’ person, and I think when it comes to costume jewellery you’re either a necklace or earrings person. I have a stupid amount of necklaces: long, short,…


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