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Food: Pitt Cue Co, London

I think I’ve found my new favourite place to eat. No, scrap that. I’ve DEFINITELY found my new favourite place to eat. Following a steady build of praise and acclaim over many blogs, newspapers and websites, Pitt Cue Co started…


Shopping: Urban Outfitters Jewellery (again!)

Why is it that I never seem to have a well balanced ratio of gold and silver jewellery? It always seems to be masses of one or the other. At the moment it’s pretty much all gold, but I just…


Fashion: Take Your Slippers Outside

I’ve never been a fan of Uggs, always proclaiming that it’s essentially wearing your slippers outside and I can’t STAND to see girls shuffling around on their ankles once they cave in. But there’s a new trend, and it is…


Theatre: Legally Blonde the Musical – The Savoy Theatre, 31/01/12

I’m happy to admit that I have a soft spot for chick flicks. Of course there are some God awful ones out there (The Holiday is literally the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life and I’m sure must…


Shopping: My 1st Purchase from Missguided

Missguided are an online retailer that’s been on my radar for quite a long time now, and even though I’m a frequent browser and signed up to their mailing list, I’ve never bought anything from them until now. I have…


Shopping: A Market Stall Accessories Find

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I work perilously close to Spitalfields Market and I often love to wander around there on my lunch break to look at the antiques and vintage clothes. I managed to refrain from buying a…


Explore: Musical Bingo at Mahiki

If you’re thinking this post will be about grannies, two little ducks and musty village halls then Musical Bingo will blow your mind. I’m not a ‘club’ person, and I’m more than happy to stay in and play board games…


Explore: Dr Who Experience

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a closet geek. Well, closet in the way that I don’t wear massive glasses or know Klingon. Aside from that I’m pretty out and proud in my geekiness. Interrupt me…


Theatre: Howl’s Moving Castle

I was majorly excited to stumble across a leaflet for this production in a restaurant one afternoon. I know the story from the anime film, but that was originally adapted from a book by Diana Wynne-Jones, and the plot is…


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