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Shopping: Urban Outfitters Wedges

Oh look, another new and exciting weekly installment! Every Thursday I’ll be posting up my latest bargain, whether it’s an item of clothing, something on my food list for the week, or an event I’ve been to. Let’s get back…


Life: How to Prepare for New Years Eve

People seem to be split between two groups when it comes to New Years Eve. The first love it, and cannot wait to dress up, hit the town and drink into the early hours. The second can’t stand the bother,…


Explore: Winter Wonderland

It’s the now annual pop-up festive event that people flock to every Christmas. A beautiful sight? Uh, no. Happy tonight? I guess. Yep, walking in the Winter Wonderland is essentially the lovechild of a dodgy German Christmas market and Blackpool…


Music: Christmas Playlist

I’m obsessed with making lists. Apparently it’s a Virgo thing. Maybe it’s because I have to organise everything from my meals to my outfits weeks in advance. So obviously the next logical step is to share these lists with the…


Film: 50/50

I went to see 50/50 on one premise only: It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I don’t normally like films with Seth Rogen in, and I wasn’t sure if a comedy about getting cancer would be a bit to close to the…


Explore: The Astronomers’ Ball – Royal Observatory, 22/10/11

Last Saturday night I spent my evening at the beautiful Royal Observatory in Greenwich for the science-based geekery fest that is the Astronomer’s Ball. Set on top of a hill in Greenwich park, the observatory overlooks amazing views of London, with…


Life: What is the Value of a Degree?

The title of this post is a question that seems to be getting flung around a lot in the media recently, and was also the topic of debate of an episode of ‘Up For Hire‘ I was in the audience…


Life: A Very Happy Birthday!

Well, it’s been 5 days since I turned 23 and I’ve only been able to write about it now because it was it’s taken me this long to get over the excitement! This year my birthday went beyond all excitement…


Music: Bestival 2011 – the music

Friday Patrick Wolf  He was as enigmatic as I had expected him to be. I’m always entranced by solo performers who can capture a crowd and fill a room in such a lively way. It takes a certain someone to…


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