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Two Sides of Tokyo in One Day: Visiting Yanaka and Akihabara

By the time we arrived in Tokyo, I was exhausted. My trip to Japan had a jam-packed itinerary, but with only stolen naps on bullet trains to make up for the onslaught of temple-seeking early mornings and sparkling sake-drinking evenings,…


A Room With A View of the Runway at Bloc Hotel, Gatwick

There are people I know who love airports, claiming them to be like giant service stations full of food and entertainment. I couldn’t agree less. I power my way through them, earphones in (even if I’m travelling with somebody else), despairing…


Dinner at Mac and Wild, Fitzrovia – A Taste of Scotland in London

Do you remember that sketch from Goodness Gracious Me about ‘going out for an English’? It played on the stereotypes we all play into when we ‘go’ for any regional cuisine in a restaurant but that nobody ever sits in…


Exploring The Crystal Ship: Europe’s Biggest Street Art Festival

Stepping out of my hotel on my first morning in Ostend, Belgium’s largest coastal town, my eyes eagerly scanned every wall, window and plant pot, knowing I was in the epicentre of one of Europe’s biggest street art festivals. Far…


A Self-Guided Cycling Tour of the Marlborough Wine Region, New Zealand

After swearing off white wine for life, thanks to indulging heavily in cheap, vinegar-y plonk as a student, it took me a few years to take some tentative sips of the stuff again. Even now, I’m still wary, but I…


Is Long Term Solo Travel Just ‘Running Away From Your Problems’?

I remember sitting in a hostel bar in New Zealand near the end of my three-month solo trip and talking to a fellow backpacker, when they asked me a question that made me jolt: ‘So, what are you running away…


Lunch at the Indian YMCA: The Best Bargain Meal in London

Looking for the best bargain meal in London? The Indian YMCA in Fitzrovia is open to the public and serves up home cooked food for a fraction of the price of its neighbours. I’m very much a bring-in-your-lunch sort when…


The Beer Spa, Budapest: An Alternative Thermal Bath Experience

    I’ve inadvertently ended up in a couple of geothermal areas of the world in the last six months, from the sulphur pools of Rotorua in New Zealand to the outdoor hot pools of Iceland, so a trip to…


Why You Don’t Need to Plan Where to Eat in Japan

It was the food that drew me to Japan in the first place. Ramen, sushi, katsu, yakisoba, teriyaki, tempura; a plethora of dishes I was desperate to try in their place of origin, but when I tried to plan where…


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