A Day at the Studio Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

The Ghibli Museum has long been a topic of mystery amongst me and my friends. Not only is it far away from home, but it’s notoriously difficult to get tickets, making it almost an urban legend for those who love…


Two Sides of Tokyo in One Day: Visiting Yanaka and Akihabara

By the time we arrived in Tokyo, I was exhausted. My trip to Japan had a jam-packed itinerary, but with only stolen naps on bullet trains to make up for the onslaught of temple-seeking early mornings and sparkling sake-drinking evenings,…


Five Things I Loved About Harajuku, Tokyo

Just like Gangnam in Seoul, Harajuku in Tokyo reached mass western awareness thanks to a very annoying pop tune. Gwen Stefani writhing around with four Japanese mates singing a bastardised version of a tune from Fiddler on the Roof is…

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