A Self Guided Walking Tour of Street Art in Bristol

“Have a shot every time someone tells you they know Banksy’, said a particularly sarcastic friend when I told her I was doing a day trip to Bristol on the way to a wedding on Devon. Bristolians are, rightfully so,…


A Day at LX Factory, Lisbon

It was the street art that drew me to LX Factory, the regenerated 19th century industrial warehouse complex in the Alcântara neighbourhood of Lisbon. From Stokes Croft in Bristol to the CBD in Christchurch, it’s the artist communities that move…


Exploring the Street Art of Ehrenfeld, Cologne

In between a city centre and its nearest day trip neighbour, there’s the districts and boroughs of real people. We pass through on trains as we go from one obvious recommendation to another, or as we get a cab from…

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How Street Art Has Transformed Christchurch, New Zealand

Don’t expect to see a city dwelling on its recent tragic past; the boom of Christchurch street art is making sure that its heart is fully on show. I first visited Christchurch in 2016, five years after the horrific earthquake…


Exploring The Crystal Ship: Europe’s Biggest Street Art Festival

Stepping out of my hotel on my first morning in Ostend, Belgium’s largest coastal town, my eyes eagerly scanned every wall, window and plant pot, knowing I was in the epicentre of one of Europe’s biggest street art festivals. Far…


The Street Art of East London

East London is well known for its street art. This goes beyond graffiti and is of a status much higher than any type of vandalism; these are usually commissioned works, hidden on every shop shutter, alley way wall and front…

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