Where to Drink Craft Beer in Lisbon, Portugal

There isn’t much better than sitting down for a cold pint after a few days of touristing. Resting aching feet, removing the hefty backpack, looking through photos of the day, and swapping highlights becomes a holiday ritual when there’s a…


How to Spend 24 Hours (Predominantly Eating) in Bristol, UK

I am at the age now where a large proportion of my weekends are starting to be taken up with weddings, and not all of them are close to home in London. When an invitation lands in my letterbox (or…


A Solo Traveller’s Guide to Visiting Christmas Markets in Germany

It’s that time of year where a whole heap of us are tempted by cheap flights and the need to use up the last of our annual leave and head to central Europe for a festive fix. I LOVE Christmas…

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Pulling Over for Dinner at Mollie’s Motel & Diner

I have plenty of happy memories of motorway service stations. Childhood caravan holidays, car packed to the rafters with food and entertainment for me and my siblings, pulling over for sandwiches made by my mum. When I passed my driving…


Why I’m Ditching Trains For Coach Travel

Balancing travel I want to do versus the travel I have to do is the current bane of my bank balance. I love to wrap responsibility with an opportunistic visit to somewhere new: weddings with weekend staycations, friends visiting from…

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New York

Three Stupidly Delicious Brunches in Williamsburg, NYC

I had no doubt in my mind when planning my first trip to New York that I wanted to stay in Williamsburg. It’s gone beyond up-and-coming and is well and truly here, making a name for itself with boutiques, breweries…


Cool Hunting in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is having a moment. After years of living in the shadow of its big brother Berlin, Germany’s second city is becoming THE a weekend break of choice. It has the classic elements of a great trip to Europe: a…

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An Insanely Good Brunch at Friends Of Ours, Hoxton

It’s places like Friends Of Ours that make me a brunch snob. To be obnoxious enough to merge two core meals of the day and declare something entirely new, you’d better be damn sure that it improves on a standard…

Dear Expat

Dear Expat, There was a time in my life where I thought might become one of you. Travelling solo was wonderful, but it turns out that the madness of China nor the laidback vibes of Melbourne was enough to keep…

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